Why LuxEffect??


THE BRAND: Luxeffect is the first ever Online Diamond and Jewelry Centric Marketplace. Though many marketplaces exist, not a single one caters ONLY to the diamond and jewelry seeking buyers. MySolitaire had the foresight to see this niche and established Luxeffect. A renowned brand, MySolitaire has been in the diamond, gemstone and fine jewelry trade for the last forty years. The company ventured into e-retail in the year 2004 with the launch of MySolitaire.com a leading online diamond and fine jewelry web portal. Company’s commitment to provide better value for money, extensive product selection, highest quality and top notch service to its customers, has inspired it to adopt an innovative and collaborative  idea and launch its marketplace, Luxeffect.   


OUR VISION:The marketplace, Luxeffect strives to provide its vendor clients an end to end sales channel. This sales channel will provide instant traffic, established customer pool and instant sales, ALL HASSEL FREE. The Luxeffect marketplace aims to be  the ultimate answer to every diamond and jewelry search on the internet. In order to achieve the vision approximately 300+ diamond and jewelry centric sites will be launched by the end of 2011 under the Luxeffect umbrella, each site exclusively dedicated to a different .

  segment of the jewelry market.  

WHY LUXEFFECT?:Online retail is a rapidly growing and widely accepted sales channel but at the same time it is highly competitive. Online retailing not only requires investment in time, money, resources and technical infrastructure, it also requires building a level of trust with potential customers. Luxeffect marketplace will provide a turnkey sales channel that may take years otherwise to establish. A few advantages the marketplace provide are highlighted here but there are numerous more:

  • First ever Diamond & Jewelry Centric Online Marketplace
  • PREMIUM Domains Access
  • Instant Trust & Credibility
  • Instant Sales
  • Proven Model
  • Direct Retailing to Consumers
  • Zero Hassle - We do the work, you just ship
  • Minimized Risk
    Get paid via ACH or Check into your Bank Account
    No Long Term Contract

    Centralized Maintenance
  • No Technical Knowledge Required


With its unique proposition Luxeffect marketplace has more than 22 live sites targeting vast number of jewelry segments to be the ultimate answer to every diamond and jewelry search on the internet.

Three beta sites launched in 2009 www.myblackdiamonds.com, www.myperidotjewelry.com and www.myinitialpendants.com proved our theory successful. Each site added more than 200000 new unique visitors within a year to our marketplace.


Luxeffect owns several “Premium Domain Names” like EmeraldJewelry.com, RubyJewelry.com, SapphireJewelry.com, OpalJewelry.com, TanzaniteJewelry.com, SwissBlueTopazJewelry.com, SkyBlueTopazJewelry.com, LondonBlueTopazJewelry.com and many many more. The marketplace is in constant negotiations with other premium domain owners to obtain those domains for its member vendors.
What is a Domain Name, and how does it work? –ADomain Name’ is the most crucial key to reach the customers; it is the name the website is listed on the internet. It is the identity of the website; self-explanatory of the business type and function of the website. For example www.Shoes.com   or www.music.com very clearly states what the website is dealing with.
While searching for anything on the internet the user has to type keywords like shoes, flowers, or music when searching on the internet. So if the domain name or the site name exactly matches the keyword your site will quickly come on the top of the search. We own many premium domain names that would exactly match the search keywords to help us be on top of the search.



  • You get instant credibility of our brand name - MySolitaire.com our flagship site. You get the advantage of our trust and credibility in the online and offline market built over last six years.
  • You get instant access to thousands of potential customers that we have acquired over the years. We will continue to maintain this faith of our customers by making sure each vendor product and each vendor has been screened for authenticity and meets the criteria that Luxeffect strives to maintain.
  • In the very near future the marketplace will launch several customer loyalty schemes to retain customers as well as strengthen the trust and credibility.

    • Luxeffect promises you instant sales as you get to sell your products to thousands of our existing customers from our flagship site, MySolitaire.com. We capitalize on thousands of repeat customers acquired over the last six years of operation of MySolitaire.com. We continue to move forward strongly and MySolitaire.com, will be a key driver of sales initially for the marketplace.
    • The launch of the sites is estimated to add approximately 2 million unique visitors per year per site. In fact even before a single vendor product is uploaded on these sites, the sites are receiving significant traffic.




  • Our sales and marketing model has been proven and working since 2004 for MySolitaire.com. The model has been tweaked continuously and in some cases revamped to ensure continued growth and sales. The prime example of this successful model is MySolitaire.com that has consistently grown since 2004.
  • Our sites are positioned at top of searches at Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines. MySolitaire.com, is on first position or first page of search engines for hundreds of keywords. Our recently launched sites such as www.myblackdiamonds.com, www.myperidotjewelry.com, www.mygarnetjewelry.com, etc., are all on first search page of search engines for many keywords.
We launched our new model www.myblackdiamonds.com in 2009 after extensive research on customer purchase behavior, site navigation, search engine optimization algorithms, technological advances, etc. It had more than 10,000 visitors with in its first few days of the launch.

Luxeffect marketplace aims to provide an established, proven and extensive platform to enable vendors to sell their products directly to the online consumers. Even vendors with no or very little knowledge about e-retail can list their products and sell online with minimal hassle. The advantage can be summarized in these two points below:

    • Higher Profit Margins - This direct sales channel will help the vendors boost sales and profits. Unlike the current sales cycle a vendor would sell the products to consumers rather than the retailers. Thus vendor would be able to offer the products at lower than retail price but still be able to increase the profit margin. As the middlemen in the selling chain disappear, with the marketplace, the consumers will get a better deal and the vendors will make better margins.  It’s cost effective, profitable and highly lucrative to sell directly to consumers through the Luxeffect marketplace.
    • Better Sales - Since the consumers get better price they would come back to the marketplace and in fact the same vendor and purchase repeatedly. The consumer will also in turn spread the name of the vendor and marketplace to others which will bring referral sales. It becomes a win-win situation for both as consumers get a better value and the vendors get more sales. 


      • A TURNKEY solution to our vendors- our robust and hassle free platform takes away the set-up and operational burden is taken away from the vendor. We have provided one Central Dashboard to the vendors from where they can upload, manage, delete their products, orders and promotions etc.  The vendor will only need to upload their products on the website, ship them and enjoy the sales.
      • No extra investment or technical knowledge required- The vendor does not have to invest in the creation, launch, marketing and maintenance of the website. Luxeffect provides a fully operational marketplace this without any extra investment of time, money and effort.
      • We will provide you with whatever level of service they require to get started and to continue to grow. The support team will hold your hand initially to create and upload these product feeds, Shoot, Edit and Upload Product Images, setup a shipping methodology, provide its proficient customer support team etc. If the vendor wishes they can opt for a service where Luxeffect can do this on a regular basis for them at a nominal charge.


      • One of the biggest factors in venturing into e-retail is the risk exposure. Luxeffect has taken it upon itself to devise a platform with minimal risk for the vendors. 
      • Pay commission only when your product sells - You pay a small monthly fee for using our services and then pay a commission ONLY when your product sells.
      • Maintain low level of inventory -The vendors are not required to spend any extra money to maintain a huge inventory of products. They can list to sell only the products that are in stock and ready to ship. If something is not in stock simply remove it from your active products and you will not receive orders on it until you have it back in stock.
      • NO LONG TERM CONTRACT- We want our vendor clients to first thoroughly scrutinize our system, operation and processes then make a decision. We are confident that once you collaborate with us you will never want to leave. Our sales model will instantly boost your revenue without any botheration of creating or managing the site, marketing and customer service. The vendor benefits in multiple ways -

      We definitely want to see our relationship with the vendors grow with time however we do not bind any of our vendors in any long term contract. You pay only for the months that you are subscribed with us.


      Phase 1 Domains:
      Riversmile.com (Silver Jewelry Site)


      It worked for us and we believe it will work for other vendors alike. We assure to assist you to make your business profitable at Luxeffect. We are ready to share our experience, vital insights and guidance.